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Fishing Forecast: updated March 1 2006

This web site is dedicated to promoting the sport of fishing on the south shore of Massachusetts. If you fish this region, you will find that this site is like no other. Because we cover such a specific region, you won't encounter great articles about fish that you can't reach easily. Also, we are not stuck on just one method of fishing - we cover bait fishing just as much as we cover artificial lure fishing. We also aren't hung up on one species. Throughout this web site, we cover nearly every possible fish you can catch on the Massachusett's south shore - from fresh to salt. This site sells nothing and is not affiliated with any business. Our sole purpose is to promote the sport of fishing and provide a better awareness of some of the best natural resources anywhere. The more people are aware and use these resources, the better chance there is to protect them. This site is brand new as of 2006 and changes weekly.

This week we have updated the fishing forecast and added a tide chart in the Reference section covering all tides from April through November of 2006. You can e-mail SouthShore Fishing at