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The Fish Of The South Shore

Although everyone probably feels they have some of the best fishing on their doorstep, nowhere is this especially truer than the south shore. When you combine the amount of different species with the potential size, quantity of fish, and accessibility, the south shore of Massachusetts just can't be beat.

Whether it be freshwater fishing for species such as pickerel, bass, perch, and catfish, or saltwater fishing for cod, striped bass, bluefish, and flounder, the variety of fish that can be caught easily on the waters of the south shore is amazing. In fact, it has been my experience that the average resident of the south shore has no idea just how many different kinds of fish there are swimming in the waters that they drive by every day.

For those of you that yearn to know what different fish there are, as well as some tips on the correct gear and methods used to catch them, the Fish section of this web site is for you. Not only are all the fish listed available, but it is only a listing of those that I have personally caught - meaning there are even more fish available than I list!

For the ease of use, I have broken up the different species by freshwater and saltwater varities. For those fish that can be found in both salt and fresh, they are listed on both sections.

For Freshwater Species Click Here                           For Saltwater Species Click Here