South Shore Fishing                                                               December 28, 2005

Dear South Shore Fishing,
Sorry I forgot your name. You may not remember me, but last year you were showing me some tips on how to catch schoolie bass in the river. You gave me your e-mail address if I had more questions and you mentioned that you were hoping to have a web site up by the end of this year. Is it on the web now, and if so, what is the URL?
Good to hear from you, Eric. No, the site is not up just yet, but will be in the next week or so. Rather than complete the whole site, further delaying it's launch date, I have decided to start putting as much content as I have so far and working on it throughout the year.

I will be registering the URL sometime in the next couple of weeks. I would definitely say that it will be up in some form or another in January. Hope you like it.

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