Written Sep 29 2005

2005-06 NHL SEASON
You may be wondering why on earth is their a Focus article on NHL hockey on this web site. What possibly could professional ice hockey and fishing have in common? Well, truth be told, there is no connection except that I personally really enjoy the game. I also believe that everything should have an offseason. A time to relax and reflect back. The winter gives me that time. A much needed physical and mental break from the rigors of the fishing season. The winter gives me time to get the equipment in top shape for the new season as well as the time to enjoy some of my other favorite pastimes, like hockey.

So, for those of you who also enjoy the game, I hope you find this section interesting. Since there is little fishing to talk about in the winter, following my predictions allows me to keep my own cabin fever from getting to high.

2005-06 Predictions
Always pubished on this website BEFORE October 1st, these are my own personal picks for the new season. Will the Bruins go all the way and win the Stanley Cup this year? Click here to find out: My Picks

At The End Of Each Season
At the end of the regular season, before the playoffs, I'll gloat on the predictions I nailed down before the season started and eat crow on the ones I completely blew. Then, I'll give an overall assessment of my prediction. You'll be able to get that, when available, by clicking here: Outcome

After touting my intellect, or taking my lumps, I will display the playoff selections and offer a stab at the final outcome. This can be obtained here - Playoffs - when available. Depending upon how well I did in my initial predictions will likely be a factor in whether you read it or not.

The Final Word
Lastly, at the very end of the playoffs, I'll give my final review back on the entire season right here - End Result . What surprised me, and what didn't. I'll also mention any e-mail I received on various topics of the hockey season. The whole thing is done in fun, and as a good way to wile away the long, cold days of winter. Hope you enjoy it.

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